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Serving Colorado since 2000

The Colorado Handyman ® in Parker, CO is a handyman services in Parker, Colorado that serves Castle Rock, south Denver and Douglas County CO.

The Colorado Handyman ® does all types of handyman services. We do anything from fixing a faucet to remodeling or finishing your basement. We remodel bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and build other custom items. A project can be small to large. We are a small contractor. If you want us to build an addition on your house, then you have the wrong people in mind.

Your home, family and pets are safe. Be assured that the Colorado Handyman ® is a small company that respects your people and property. We are honest, reliable, hard-working craftsman. We only enter your home with entry means that you provide us and make every effort not to be in any area that we are not working in. You can feel confident that if you are not home that when you get home, your house and property will be in the same state as when you left.

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A little information


Over the years we have developed little niches. We do a lot of Tile installation and repair. We repair a numerous amount of showers that are in need of tile repair and grout repair. We repair anything from loose tiles in a shower to whatever tiles you have in your house that need attention, replacing or installation.

Drywall repair is another area that we do a lot of. We repair all shapes and sizes of drywall damage, including water damage. We restore the bad drywall areas back to as close as they originally were.

Interior painting is a real niche, as we are very good painters. We do a very professional job, we do super neat cut lines. Staining is a real art and we do that very well.

We do minor electrical. In other words, we don't wire houses, but we do everything else, including electrical sockets; installation of lights; garbage disposers; exterior lights; ceiling fans, or anything else that needs to be done at the end of the existent wire. That is pretty much everything inside and outside of the house.

Again, like the electrical, we do plumbing that consists of sinks. Yes, we do sweat pipe, we do fix toilets, we do install sinks. Most things we do. For the internal guts plumbing in a house, we have access to a Master Plumber.

On to Carpentry. We don't build houses, but we certainly are handy carpenters. Carpentry is something really enjoyed. We can build some stairs, a deck or just about anything. Being a big builder is not our "thing".

What we are and what we are NOT

We are NOT A FRANCHISE that hires questionable people to do the work for us. We do the work ourselves. We are craftsmen, with many years of experience, and do very high quality work. We are fair with our pricing. We only do one project at a time. We are reliable and show up for work every working day. The results and satisfaction that you will gain from the Colorado Handyman ® will be the best that you can find.......anywhere.